Student Handbook

The purpose of this handbook, especially written for the benefit of OSAP study abroad students who are Associate Members or Visiting Students in several Oxford colleges, is to make your stay in Oxford as problem-free and as smooth as possible. We believe that if you read these pages very carefully (and return to consult them every now and then) you will have a much easier and much more enjoyable time in Oxford. We include here some policies not mentioned elsewhere on this website or in your admission letter but which are binding on both the student and ourselves.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


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"My academic program was excellent. Much more work than expected. My law and ethics course was amazing--definitely worth the work...I wrote 13 essays!"

"The academic program was excellent. The OSAP administration was great. OSAP events were well planned, and it appears that OSAP gives us more privileges, access, etc. to the University than other programs."